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Postdoctoral Scholars & Senior Researchers

Tung-Huan (Michael) Su - 107博-蘇東垣.jpg

Tung-Huan (Michael) Su

1. Mechanistic machine learning and multiscale simulation.

2. Data-driven computational mechanics and data-driven identification.

3. Simulation analysis of plastics injection molding by finite volume method.

4. Coupled flow and fiber orientation analysis for 3D injection molding simulations of fiber composites

Ph. D. Students

Amir - Amir 108博-.jpg

Amir Noorizadegan

1) Numerical Solution of PDEs.

2) Meshfree Approximation Methods.

3) Radial Basis Functions.

4) Applied and Computational Mathematics.

大頭照_宋嘉誠 - 109博-宋嘉誠.jpg

Jia-Cherng Song

Deep Learning on Graphs, Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Application, Computation in architectural design

103031225_1 - Falg Lee.jpg

Guo-Chi Li

materials science and engineering, metal, high-entropy alloys.

Master Students

Po-Hui Hsieh

Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Application.


Nick Jheng (Profile)


Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development

截圖 2022-04-08 下午10.18.06 - 教師-陳俊杉.png

Kyle Chien

Multiscale simulation, Artificial Intelligence

mmexport1591796924946 - 109碩-羅昱恆.jpg

Yu-Heng Lo

Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Application

LINE_ALBUM_D2新武呂-排球-足球-高爾夫-妹池-獵寮_220112_38 - 109碩-張鈞程.jpg

Chun-Cheng Chang

Computer Vision and Machine Learning Application in Engineering

IMG_0144 - 109碩-林晉宇.jpg

Chin-Yu Lin

Machine Learning, Molecular Dynamics

80189978_3338938899510534_6619760139010310144_n - 109碩-黃政維.jpg

Harry Huang

Computer Vision, Machine/Deep Learning

IMG_3332 - Ting-Ju Wei_edited.jpg

Ting-Ju Wei

Computational Mechanics / Molecular Dynamics Simulation

b06501015 - 110碩-周遠同.jpg

Yuan-Tung Chou

Artificial Intelligence, Structural Analysis

IMG_2991 - 110碩-江郁瑄.jpg

Yu-Hsuan Chiang

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

1581691070084_2 - 110碩-黃琮煒.jpg

Tsung-Wei Huang

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision

IMG_5398 - Jimmy G. Jean.jpg

Jimmy Gaspard Jean

Data-driven Computational Mechanics, Machine Learning. My area of focus is data-driven computational mechanics. In my research, I leverage techniques such as the finite element method (FEM), constrained optimization and deep learning to solve challenging problems in solid mechanics (e.g., data-driven computation, multiscale homogenization).



Dr. Nien-Ti Tsou

Microstructure Modeling in Smart Materials.
Molecular Dynamics Simulation for Nanomaterial Dispersion.
Finite Element Analysis for Biomimetic Implants and Piezoelectric Devices.
Graduated with M.S. in 2006.


Dr. Jeng-Feng Lin

Two-phase Flow.

Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Dr. Yu-Ching Shih

First Principles Surface Stress Calculations and Multiscale Deformation Analysis of Self-assembled Monolayers Adsorbed on Microcantilever.
Graduated with Ph.D. in 2013.

​Dr. Chi-Hua Yu

Microscale Fracture Mechanics and Damage Model.Analytical Modeling for Multilayered PCB Plate.Multiscale Modeling of 3D IC Micro-bump.Atomistic Study on Nano-indentation and Nano-tribology.

Tsung-Hui Huang

Phase-field Modeling.

Time Integration Algorithms.Computational Structural and Multibody Dynamics.

Differential Algebraic System.

Yu-Chuan Hsu (M.S.)

Computational Mechanics.

Molecular Dynamics Simulation.

Multiscale Modelling.

Artificial Intelligence.

Yan-Yu Chen (Ph.D.)


Multiscale simulation.


Shin-Ruei Lin (Ph.D.)

Two-phase Flow.

Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Chung-Shuo Lee (M.S.)

Absorbing Boundary Condition in Molecular Dynamics.

Yin Chang (M.S.)


Microcantilever by Molecular Dynamics Simulation.


Crystal Liou (M.S.)


Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Nanomaterial Dispersion. Graduated with M.S. in 2013.


Chih-Chuen (Ian) Lin (M.S.)

First-principles Calculations on Fracture Toughness Prediction.
Graduated with M.S. in 2015.


Kuan-Po (Ryan) Lin (M.S.)

Nanomechanics Molecular Dynamics Simulation. Graduated with M.S. in 2015.


Jo-Fan Wu (M.S.)


Martensite Variant Identification in Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloy with Molecular Dynamics Simulation.


Tzu-Hsuan (Michael) Huang (M.S.)

Phase-field Modelling.Molecular Dynamics Simulation.


Ching-Yu Fan (M.S.)

Optical Microcantilever-based Sensing.


Yang-Ting Wei (M.S.)

Analysis of Behavior Patterns.

Chun-Wei (Jeremy) Huang (M.S.)

Contact Mechanics.


Yu-Chia Liao (M.S.)

Microcantilever by Molecular Dynamics Simulation.

Hung-Chi Wu (M.S.)


Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Method

Te-Yuan Chen (M.S.)

Virtual Reality.

Human Computer Interaction.

Smart Home for Elderly.

Yi-Liang (Leo) Cheng (M.S.)

Computational Mechanics.

Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Method (CPFEM).

Deformation Mechanisms in High Entropy Alloy.

Kuan-Ting Chen (M.S.)

Molecular Dynamics Simulation.

Deformation Mechanisms in High Entropy Alloy.

Sung-Lin Tsai (M.S.)

Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Application.


Jyun-Ping Wang (M.S.)

Interest: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Network.


Shih-Jie Chuang (M.S.)

3D Printing Risk Assessment

大頭照 - 錢竑州.jpg

Hong-Jhou Cian (M.S.)

Nanotribology, Molecular Dynamics Simulation.

Graduated with M.S. in 2014.

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