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Most of the course materials can be accessed from ntu on line course website. If you would like to access these materials, please contact me (

CIE7017Method of Finite Elements (2012S, 2013S, 2014S, 2015S, 2018S, 2019S)  Facebook Group


CIE1008Computer Programming (2011F, 2013S, 2014S, 2015SFacebook Group


CIE5029Object-Oriented Programing (2011F, 2012F, 2013F, 2014F, 2015F) Facebook Group


CIE5063Introduction to Computational Modeling at Microscopic Scale


CIE5068Introduction of Nanomechanics of Materials


CIE1005Engineering Graphics


CIE7024Advanced Structural Theory


CIE7100Software System and Design for Engineering Applications


CIE7148Design Patterns and Software Development (2012S)


I now join my colleagues at the NTU iNSIGHT Center to offer a series of design-driven innovation courses. I will offer a course on Prototyping Innovation and Verification (快速原型創新與驗證).


AM5027Prototyping Innovation and Verification (2015F (iNSIGHT), 2015F (ceiba)) Facebook Group

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